REMNEV Boris Nikolaevich
Director of "the Liquidation Bureau of the shoulder and partners"
member NP "the self-regulating organization of arbitration managers under the chamber of Commerce of the Russian Federation"


I do liquidations and bankruptcies since 2000, when early in my career, I baked a lawyer, went to this theme. More than 150 procedures conducted in the period of working in the Consulting group O. S. V. gave experience, has formed its opinion on this difficult market, this particular a legal product.
New time brings new solutions. It is understood that the elimination of this specific service, not just a legal scheme, and the complex entrepreneurial challenges, which time is better to entrust to specialists. With colleagues from the law firm "President consult" we decided to create a specialist company liquidation of legal entities In 2005 started the project "the Liquidation Bureau of the shoulder and partners."
The launch was successful. For several years we work in the market and tend to follow the main principles is an individual approach to the client, the complexity of decisions, the legality of the means employed, project planning.
When talking about the elimination of, sometimes used like a figure "termination of a legal entity". Using it want to say that we are working in order to do this "termination" worthy.