Our company offers the entrepreneur a range of professional services to eliminate any types of legal entities under the legislation of Russia.
Starting with the initial consultation and planning procedures prior to receipt of the certificate of elimination of all worries about the fate of the liquidated organization, our clients entrust to us, keeping for himself the most valuable resource - time.
The work is carried out in strict accordance with the law, without the use of questionable schemes, such as the sale of the company with nominal entities.
Listed below are the main tasks solved by us in the liquidation as a small trading firms and large enterprises, both active and terminated their activities:
* planning the liquidation procedure;
* registration actions;
* accounting services during the period of liquidation;
* storage of documents of liquidated organizations;
* property selling, bidding;
* archiving of personnel documents;
* functions of the personnel Department;
* work with creditors;
* a tax audit.
    In many cases, the liquidation of a legal entity requires the use of bankruptcy procedures. Complex, lengthy, at times, conflicting procedures are performed with the help of qualified arbitration managers, members of the country's largest self-regulatory organization of arbitration managers at the Russian chamber of Commerce.